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CIM-ATM™: ATM Management from Replenishment to Reporting

CIM-ATM™ is a complete ATM management and administration software application. From ATM replenishment to reporting, CIM-ATM gives banks, armored carriers, and ATM processing centers the ability to handle ATM operations efficiently and securely.

CIM-ATM provides closed loop control of Automated Teller Machines. Each stage in the process feeds the following stage to reduce data entry and to ensure accuracy, minimizing all forms of loss. Forecasts flow into replenishments, replenishments into reconciliations, and reconciliations into inventory. The application supports up to 16 million stocking locations. Financial institutions implementing CIM-ATM can significantly improve management control of inventories, losses, and costs.

CIM-ATM administration and management software enables:
ATM Forecasting and Planning
CIM-ATM analyzes past patterns of activity and current ATM inventories to determine the optimum order for each ATM, and to keep ATM cash at the minimum level needed to meet demand. Users can intervene in the process to address unusual occurrences and problems.

ATM Order Processing and Replenishment
CIM-ATM allows for a wide range of re-supply intervals, inventory types and operations strategies. Orders can be prepared from paper forms or by online control through a PC at each workstation. Detailed shipping manifests by route, and stop, guide the replenishment crews in refilling ATM’s securely. CIM-ATM can process up to 320 separate replenishment items, including currency, foreign currency, coin, stamps, or supplies. The system also supports any combination of cash-add and cash-swap strategies.

ATM Reconciliation
CIM-ATM supports on-truck or in-house reconciliation of ATM cash balances, using any major currency counter. Reconciliation of eject bins is integrated into the process, so that the entire ATM machine is balanced taking into consideration what was last loaded, less what was dispensed to customers, less what remains, including eject. CIM-ATM breaks counts out by cassette, type and condition for better control of the process, and for improved reporting of variances. Pilferage during the process is very difficult due to the range of controls within CIM-ATM.

ATM Management Reporting
A full range of CIM-Reports controls each area of concern to perform daily recaps, variance analysis, weekly activity, to analyze diverts, to balance the vault, etc. Each report is available as CIM-Email™, CIM-Fax™, paper, spreadsheet, or data, and can be selected from any time period or range of ATM’s.

CIM-ATM is a robust and highly cost-effective solution for ATM management and administration. With CIM-ATM in place, financial institutions reduce losses and increase efficient management of their ATM processes.